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One Love Ceremonies


I perform non-denominational weddings at the location of your choice.  You are in control of the content, style and message of your ceremony.  If you would like it to be lighthearted, dramatic, simple, ornate, religious, or non-religious, it is all up to you.  Together we will create a meaningful and unique ceremony, that reflects your love and life together.

Renewal of Vows

Some couples chose to rededicate their commitment and love for one another with a Renewal of Vows or Reaffirmation Ceremony.  This sentimental and symbolic ceremony can be done either privately or in the company of family and friends.  It does not require any new licensing or paperwork.  It is simply a sacred choice to say "I Do" again.

Baby Blessing

Having a Baby Blessing is a delightful and joyous occasion for family and friends to come together to recognize, honor and celebrate the precious gift that is your child.  The ceremony can celebrate a new born baby, an adoption, or older children.  I meet with the parent/s of the child and present many options and creative ideas for the Baby Blessing Ceremony. Godparents can be chosen and included.  Siblings can also be involved.  Together we will create a ceremony that reflects your special family.

House Blessing

A House Blessing is a wonderful way to begin in a new home or to begin anew in an existing home.  It is an ancient tradition, performed by many religions and cultures, in one form or another.  Its basic purpose is to bless and provide spiritual protection for a dwelling.  It is done with an officiant and those that will be dwelling in the house.  Additional family and friends may also be included.  Refreshments or a meal can be served afterwards as part of the occasion.  The House Blessing focuses on and attracts the qualities you want in your home environment (e.g. laughter, health, peace, love, etc.).  The House Blessing results in the house being prepared and blessed for your dear loved ones, your family.